How to Gel your Hair? A Tutorial for Men

How to Gel your Hair

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Learn the Process to Gel your Hair Properly

Hair styling products are very common among people these days. Different vendors are creating hair products to fulfill needs of individuals.  Hair Gel is one of those useful hair products commonly adopted by both men and women. It is one of those products that can be used to achieve any style. One can just apply gel on the hair and have any hairstyle. But that’s only possible, if we use hair gel correctly otherwise, it can ruin your hair.

There are times when people have used gel incorrectly and got an unnatural sticky hairstyle. It leads to several problems and due to which people stop using this product. A common concern disturbs men that How to Gel your Hair quickly? If you are also facing an issue like this one, keep reading to get a proper solution. You are going to learn the easiest method to apply gel to your hair correctly. You will also get some advice about the selection of the product that is best for your hair. So let’s have a look at it:

Selecting the Best Gel for your Hair

Hair gels are so popular that hundreds of vendors are creating them. You will find a lot of different Gel products available in the market. Every gel is categorized with its specific set of features like thickness and holding power. So you need to scroll around a few options till you find the best one. Every person differs from the other, so you have to choose the product on your own.

Mostly these products are Cream type or can be sprayed out to hair. The ones you chose doesn’t matter at all. Just choose the best one for your hair by comparing different Gel items. But let me tell you about the few types of Gel available in the market.

  1. Light-Holding Gel

It is one of the commonly used products for people to get clean and bouncy hairstyles. It has a light hold on the hairs and thus can be easily removed.

  1. Medium-Holding Gel

This product is suitable for people willing to create spikes and dashing styles. It has the slightly higher holding power to make an awesome hairstyle.

  1. Thick Gel

Thick type of gel is not commonly available but is suitable for most persons. It’s suitable for you when you want a clean and attractive style that stays for long. Most of these products can stay firmly all day long without issues.

Best Gel for your Hair

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Buying the Best Gel for your Hair Type

Now it’s time to classify further and buy the perfect gel to suit your hair. Every person has different hair and the product required to style also differs. So you need to compare Gel products of different companies to find the perfect one for yourself. The common types of hairs are:

  • Natural Hair
  • Straight Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Wavy Hair
  • Kinky Hair

Keeping in mind these different hair types, hair product manufacturers focus on them. They are creating different versions of a product. So that people of every hair type could start using their product. So you can also find the best hair gel for your hair type. Just visit the market or search on the internet to find the appropriate one.

Prepare your Hair to apply Gel

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Prepare your Hair to apply Gel

Before you learn, how to Gel your hair, you need to prepare them. Before even thinking to use hair gel, consider washing your hair. Applying the hair product on wet hair can provide useful results. But that’s not necessary; you can even start out with dry hair to get an idea of the setting. Furthermore, you can continue using gel on wet hair to get better results.

Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner to have a clean start. Use the towel to damp dry your hair and get ready for the first trial.

Note: Damp hair is preferred to get proper results, but washing is not necessary. If you like so, you can damp your hair and get ready to use Hair Gel.

1.      Apply Gel to your Hair

Now when you have successfully completed the above steps, you are ready to rock out with an awesome style. Follow the steps below to get your desired hairstyle:

2.      Take some Gel

Take a small amount of Gel on your fingers and Rub gently to coat both hands. Make sure you have enough Gel to cover your hands completely.

3.      Apply Gel

Now just apply the Gel on the roots of your hair and massage gently to get volume. Don’t use it on the ends of hair; else it would create a lot of mess.

style your hair with gel

4.      Style your Hair

Use your fingers or a Comb to straighten or style your hair in the appropriate shape. Make sure you have already chosen the desired style and now apply that to your hair.

5.      Dry the Gel

You can use a blow dryer to dry the gel and have the proper style. But most of the hair gels dry automatically in a few minutes. Make sure to read the description of your hair product to get proper guidance.

6.      Manipulating the Style

Apply manipulations and even use another dab of gel to fulfill your needs. You can have different variations used to achieve the style that suits your personality. But make sure you are quick enough for not to dry the gel with a bad hair style.

hairstyle using gel

7.      Getting Results

After you are completely satisfied with the style, let the Gel naturally dry into the position, Now you are ready to rock with your new and attractive hair.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned steps can help you to style your hair properly. But keep in mind that you will still face issues in the beginning. But don’t worry and try to apply the gel in the proper way. Even if you don’t get the required results first time, keep practicing, and you will succeed.

Now you have completely learned the correct technique, and you don’t need to ask How to Gel your Hair? Just follow the above steps and advice and achieve your desired hairstyle.