28 Best Hairstyles for Men According to Face Shape

Hairstyles for Men According to Face ShapeSelection of Hairstyles for Men with Different Face Shapes

Hairstyles are becoming part of men’s fashion these days. I couldn’t find a man in this era, who loves to enjoy the same old style. The weird part is you have to wait a long time before the hairs are ready for another one. So why not choose the best haircut in the first try? Simple isn’t it? But the big question here is how to find it? But don’t worry! I am here to help you out with this article about, Hairstyles for Men According to Face Shape. I have discussed every face shape, along with the hairstyles which suit them. Just scroll down to the respective section and select one for you!

Now before you dive in further in the guide, let’s focus on the important part. You must know your face shape, before selecting a hairstyle. You have to study again (Not Math’s again)! It means to study your face and determine the shape. Focus on the dimensions of your face, like cheekbones, forehead, chin, and overall length. In this way, you will be able to figure out your face type and then continue your hairstyle selection process. Let me provide some characteristics of each face type separately:

Characteristics of Men, According to the Face Shape

Grab your favorite measuring tape and measure the following:

  • Face Length: Start measuring from the tip of your chin to the center of your hairline.
  • Forehead: Now measure the distance between the peaks of both eyebrow arcs.
  • Jawline: Measure the point where your jaw angles to the top, start from the tip of the chin till the bottom of your ear.
  • Cheekbones: Measure the distance of your cheekbones, start from one eye corner to the other one.

After you have collected these measurements, just match them with below profiles to determine your face shape:

  • Square: You got all measured sizes almost equal with a sharp jaw angle.
  • Rectangle: You got similar sizes for Jawline, Forehead, and Cheekbones, but the face length was the largest.
  • Round: Your face length and the size of cheekbones will be same. The Jawline will have a soft angle and a similar measurement with the forehead. The first measurement would be larger than the second one.
  • Oval: The forehead size will be greater than the Jawline, while the width of cheekbones will be smaller than face length. The jaw will have a rounded and smooth angle.
  • Heart: Your chin will be somewhat pointed, and the greatest measurement will be the forehead.
  • Triangular: Your face will have broad cheekbones than your forehead, while Jawline will be wider than cheekbones. You can see it as an upside-down triangular shape.
  • Diamond: Length of your face will be the largest of all measures. Then regarding width, the cheekbones will be followed by the forehead and the Jawline. The chin will be similar to the heart shape.

Congratulations! You have found your face shape and now ready to explore different hairstyle ideas. So what were the results? Tell me in the comments section!

Hairstyles Ideas for Men with Different Face Shape

Now you have studied your face; it’s time to choose a hairstyle for yourself. I have gathered a list of popular hairstyles for men according to face shape. These are properly categorized, and you can jump over to the ones matching your facial profile. So let’s get started:

Square Face Shape

It is a unique and attractive face shape, which can work with both short and long hairstyles. You can have almost any latest haircut including, A Close Cut, The Buzz Cut, French Crop, and Quiff Haircut. But it’s suggested to keep the style within the short series. Make sure to add textures for a clean and finished look!

Some example styles are given below:

Hairstyles for Men with Square Face Shape

Haircuts by Instagram: ambarberia

Oval Face Shape

This face shape is one of the ideal ones because it can handle a wide range of hairstyles. It also depends on your personal interests about different haircuts. I would suggest not choosing those fringe styles rather just following up natural patterns.

Most of the experts prefer to use a short haircut for this shape. Ask your barber to fade the sides and keep some length on top. It can then be followed by Side Swept Partings, and you are ready to rock!

Some example styles are given below:

Hairstyles for Men with Oval Face Shape

Haircuts by Instagram: barber_djirlauw, menshairs, and ambarberia

Rectangle Face Shape

It is probably the longest regarding face length and can also work with almost every modern style. But make sure to tweak the haircut for proper adjustments with the face. You should avoid selecting styles with short hair on sides or very long on top. Stay proportional and choose some Classic Scissor Cuts or shapes.

Just remember not to choose a full beard but some partial hairs or clean shave styles. Ensure your goal is to add width not more length to your face.

Some example styles are given below:

Hairstyles for Men with Rectangle Face Shape

Haircuts by Instagram: ambarberia and barber_djirlauw

Round Face Shape

The best hairstyle for this shape would be short and attractive Quiff Haircut. Unlike rectangle ones, you need to elongate the shape for better results. Consider some combinations of Pompadour styles, Quiff haircuts, and side partings. Never choose those fringes rather find a clean flat top, and you will rock!

Some facial hairs can add more value to the face and provide proper structure to your features. So if you are a beard lover? Go and choose one to create a Chiseled Jawline effect!

Some example styles are given below:

Hairstyles for Men with Round Face Shape

Haircuts by Instagram: barber_djirlauw

Triangular Face Shape

People with this face shape needs to focus on adding volume to the sides and top. Try to choose a style that will balance the shape of your Jawline and forehead. A Clean Fringe or Pompadour Haircut will do the job in an efficient manner. A classic quiff and the use of some strong hold hair products can also create a sense of fullness.

A light stubble beard will be just perfect to work with your face type. But clean shaven looks are also preferred with the volume on top.

Some example styles are given below:

Hairstyles for Men with Triangle Face Shape

Haircuts by Instagram: mens.haircut, ambarberia, and barber_djirlauw

Heart Face Shape

Heart shape wants you to balance facial features with your hairstyle. Make sure to consider your chin while selecting a style, as you don’t want to show off its narrowness. I prefer to choose some layered Quiff haircuts or some Fringe shapes textured for your hair. Almost every mid-length long hairstyle can work for you. A beard will also help you add fullness to your shape and create the unique style for you!

Some example styles are given below:

Hairstyles for Men with Heart Face Shape

Haircuts by Instagram: barber_djirlauw, menshair, and ambarberia

Diamond Face Shape

The last one is the diamond shape which is a rare one to be present among men. You need to focus more on volume for the top, so as to create a balanced look for overall shape. A side part is preferred with some messy textured hair. You can also try some scissor cuts and angular fringes to create a balanced aesthetic. Your goal must be to avoid short sides and focus on longer styles for your hair.

Some example styles are given below:

Hairstyles for Men with Diamond Face Shape

Haircuts by Instagram: barber_djirlauw and ambarberia

Final Words

So you have made your way to the end of this guide! I know it was a long article of hairstyles for men according to face shape, but trust me it will help you a lot. My final advice for today is always consulting a professional hair stylist. Reading this guide must have given you an idea about hairstyles. Now it’s your turn to rush to your barber and get a haircut!

Note: All Hairstyles and Haircuts are taken from Instagram users, barber_djirlauw, menshairs, ambarberia, and mens.haircuts.