10 Cool Hairstyles for Men with Beards

hairstyles for men with beards

Why should Men Choose Hairstyles with Beards?

Hairstyles are one of those features of men, which help them in gaining more attraction. As we know, men are much curious to look handsome and shine with their personality. However in the run off looking beautiful, one simply forgets about an important facial factor. I am talking about the Beard on your face, which could further improve your hairstyles. You may already come across a lot of hairstyles for men with beards on the internet. But today we will gather them all. Simply read this article and take up an eye-catching haircut for yourself.

The hairs of beard and head are thought as different entities by people. But that’s wrong! A person can maximize the facial beauty by syncing both. Both of them are a reward from nature, so why not take advantage of them? If you are also neglecting this important facial aspect, you are losing a tremendous opportunity. Stay with me until the end, and you won’t have to worry anymore!

Importance of Haircuts for Men with Beards

In today’s generation, no one wants to look ugly or have any old fashioned style. But to achieve the best facial beauty, one has to make use of the facial entities correctly. This statement focuses on every single assessment of the face, from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin.

Beard is also one of those entities a person should use to become attractive. Due to this fact, various hairstyles for men are made suitable with a beard. One can adopt any of them and get the dashing new physique.

We can already see a huge trend of searching popular hairstyle. But those people must also focus on styling their beard along with hairs.

Selection of Beard Hairstyles for Men

There are a lot of facts which should be considered while selecting a hairstyle. Some of those facts are:

  • Type of Hair
  • Beard Hair Type
  • Ability to Grow Beard
  • Length of Hair
  • And a few more

You don’t have to note down these points now because I am going to simplify your task.  I have written this article with a list of hairstyle ideas with images. You can choose any of these haircuts for men with beards, and experience the difference yourself! Check them out below:

Hairstyles for Men with Beards

Since you are reading this article; you might already be searching for “hairstyles for men with beards.” I have good news for you! Your search is over now! Just have a look at this list of men’s hairstyles and adopt one for you:

The Slicked Back Undercut

Image by: gentshair_cs

1. The Slicked Back Undercut

You might already have seen a lot of hair inspiration articles on the internet. Most of them are featuring only popular hairstyles like the “Slicked Undercut.” It is one of the popular hairstyles featured in almost every hairstyle guide. That’s why I thought to place it on #1 position in my list of beard styles and haircuts.

One of the amazing facts about this hairstyle is the collaboration of beard. It adds further refinements to the beauty of this men’s haircut. The undercut looks perfect and enhances your facial beauty to an extreme level. See above image for the sample!

Side Swept Hairstyle with Beard

Image by: menshairfashion

2. Side Swept Hairstyle with Beard

The “Side Swept” is an amazing hairstyle for young people, but that’s not a condition at all. You can adopt this style easily without any fear. You can use a small length beard or a medium length, depending upon your interest.

The Shaggy Hairstyle

Image by: menshairfashion

3. The Shaggy Hairstyle

You can pair the shaggy hairstyle with a beard and get this amazing style. Any uneven type of beard length will work with this men’s haircut style.

But what if you can’t grow your beard properly? Don’t have to worry for that too! You can wear this style in that situation and add beauty to the overall look. We can say that this is the hairstyle for men with beards that don’t require optimum maintenance.

The Neat Quiff Haircut

Image by: jp.barbearia

4. The Neat Quiff Haircut

Now this one seems to be one of the toughest to style, among other haircuts for men. But that’s only because of the irregular styling involved in it. However, If you are willing to get a nice hairstyle combo, go ahead and choose this one!

You can combine “The Quiff Haircut” with a light beard, which is going to make everything smooth. You can see the example image of this men’s haircut above.


The Side Part Haircut, Men's Haircut

Image by: nicemop

5. The Side Part Haircut

It is another classic “haircut for men with beards, which you can choose for yourself. If you are looking for a haircut suitable for every occasion, go ahead and adopt the Side Part.

The image above shows the mixture of a side part with an average beard. Any beard type can be used for now, even if you can’t grow it too long!

The Bald with Beard Haircut

Image by: baldwithbeard

6. The Bald with Beard Haircut

We can’t consider it as a hairstyle for men but a solution to baldness. You can get some awesome manly looks by combining the baldness with a beard. The facial hairs will balance everything and allow you to shine among friends.

No one will focus on the baldness but your fashionable style. An impressive fact about this hairstyle is the easiness in maintaining. You won’t have to style your hair but only make use of your hair fall problem.

The Pompadour Haircut with Beard

Image by: menshairs

7. The Pompadour Haircut with Beard

Pompadour style is another opinion among hairstyles for beards. The style itself looks attractive and has a special place in our list. But you can get a lot more by the addition of facial hairs. Check out the demonstration above for example.

The Balbo Hairstyle, Balbo Haircut

Image by: steadyvaping

8. The Balbo Hairstyle

This type of hairstyle involves styling of the facial hairs. Remember the famous American actor from the films, The Avengers and Iron Man? Yeah! I am talking about “Robert Downey Jr.”, who is using a similar beard style.

You have to grow beard and mustache properly before achieving this hairstyle. Use an electric razor or trimmer to shave off the sides. Also style the mustache with the beard, as demonstrated in the example above. You need to work carefully for getting best results or try to reach the barber shop for the style.

Side Part with Full Beard Hairstyle

Image by: m_coiffure

9. Side Part with Full Beard Hairstyle

This hairstyle is loved by people almost everyone, and that’s our benefit here! We can match a full-length beard and improve the side part hairstyle. Just as shown in the image above.

10. The Circle Beard Style

So we are finally at the end, you have already seen a lot of hairstyles for men with beards. But if you are still searching for one, go ahead and check this last style. It features a circular shaped beard style, as shown in the image.

You can make the style personal by adjusting the length of facial hairs. If you are not good with the shaving stuff, don’t bother at all. Visit the barber shop and let him handle the stuff for you!