17 Cool Hairstyles for Men with Medium Hair

 Hairstyles for Men with Medium Hair

Best Medium Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Numerous hairstyles and haircuts for men are introduced everyday with latest fashion trends. They are not limited to girls only, but men are also taking an interest in hair styling. Every man has different hair types, which makes it difficult to adopt the same hairstyle. That’s why fashion trends are now focusing various factors like hair color, type, length, etc. Now let’s come to our topic! In this article, you will read about some hairstyles for men with medium hair. We have already discussed many hairstyle ideas for men in previous articles. Similarly, we will continue again with that format and publish these articles. You will have tons of haircut ideas to select and use for special occasions.

People often neglect the importance of men’s haircuts, and usually short hairs are preferred. But that’s totally wrong! Medium length hairstyles are so attractive that one can forget about regular styles. Men with medium length could work around with various ideas. Most of the popular hairstyles allow usage of this hair length. If you were also one of those people, get ready to grow your hair and choose a beautiful style.

Selection of Medium Length Haircuts for Men

Most of the men want to have a clean and attractive hairstyle, which will be easy to style anytime. That’s where medium hair length comes handy because we can easily style them anytime. Some other benefits of them are:

  • Compatible with every Popular Hairstyle
  • You can easily grow them
  • Easy to manage when in a hurry
  • Use hair products without worries

That proves the importance of this hair for busy men’s life. That’s why I decided to cover some of the best medium length hairstyles for men. Just select one of the hairstyles from my article and show the picture to your barber. You will be ready with an attractive personality and an awesome hairstyle.

17 Medium Length Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men

The Medium Length Undercut

Haircut by: mens.haircuts

1. The Medium Length Undercut

If you have mid length hair, then you must give this hairstyle a try! The Undercut Style is very popular among modern men these days. And when it’s paired with medium hair, the attractiveness is maximized. You can also pair a smooth and clean beard to make it more beautiful. So head over and start growing your length.

The Grown Out Layers

Haircut by: andrewdoeshair

2. The Grown Out Layers

Let’s check our second idea in our list of hairstyles for men with medium hair. It is best for people who don’t love too much styling stuff. You simply need to have straight, smooth and silky hairs to select this awesome hairstyle. Make sure to use a round brush for creating the style. You can also use the blow dryer after washing hairs to get better results.

The Medium Length Pompadour Haircut

Picture by: andrewdoeshair

3. The Medium Length Pompadour Haircut

Everyone loves pompadour haircuts, so you can also adopt this one for your medium hair. All you need to do is use a Hard Pomade or Gel, to keep the hair in this position. You can also show the picture to your barber and leave the rest to him.

Side Fade and Tapered Comb Over

Photo by: andrewdoeshair

4. Side Fade and Tapered Comb Over

Now this one is quite different from natural hairstyles and can be difficult to achieve. It is a combo of light fade and tapered comb over length. You need to grow sufficient length to select this style! But the attractiveness is worth the efforts.

The Medium Length Spikes with Fade

Haircut by: sergioatm92

5. The Medium Length Spikes with Fade

Medium length hairs are not only limited to traditional hairstyles. You can play with spikes and fading techniques to obtain remarkable results. As you see in this hairstyle, men with mid-fade and simple spikes combo haircut.

Side Fade Medium Pompadour Haircut

Haircut by: nicemop

6. Side Fade Medium Pompadour Haircut

Pompadours are simply part of men’s hairstyle trends and can be used by anyone. Even people with mid-length hair can make use of this technique to get better results. You can use any hair product you like to hold hairs in position. Also, try to use side fade method, and you will surely rock!

Retro Style Medium Haircut for Men

Haircut by: menshairs

7. Retro Style Medium Haircut for Men

Now it’s time for a retro style men’s haircut for people with medium length. Use a comb or brush to style your hair like in the image above. A light beard can also be used to make it more beautiful and shining.

Rough Style for Medium Hair

Haircut by: mensclubbarbershop

8. Rough Style for Medium Hair

I was curious to add a style like this one for people who are always in a hurry. This hairstyle is naturally messy enough to be made anytime within minutes. Just wash your hair and brush your hair, while using a blow dryer.

Slicked Back Style for Men

Image by: gentshair_cs

9. Slicked Back Style for Men

When it comes to men’s hair, we have lots of styling opportunities with medium length. A simple and yet attractive one is the Slicked Back Hairstyle. I suggest you visit your barber and show him the picture or just the name of the hairstyle. Don’t bother with stuff or you will ruin your hair!

Undercut Slicked Back Hairstyle

Haircut by: gentshair_cs

10. Undercut Slicked Back Hairstyle

Now, this hairstyle came with a pair of undercut and slicked back techniques. Use a medium hold pomade to keep the style in position for a long time. A regular comb can is used after applying the hair product to get optimum results. Using a disconnected beard is preferred but not necessary at all.

Low Fade Wavy Side Part Style

Haircut by: gentshair_cs

11. Low Fade Wavy Side Part Style

Here comes another combo of the wavy side part and low fade haircut. You need to grow them too long; just some medium length hairs are enough. It is quite different from regular technique, so you need to visit a professional barber.

Medium Length Messy Waves

Picture by: alan_beak

12. Medium Length Messy Waves

Another hairstyle idea for medium hairs is the Messy Waves. Nothing to bother with haircuts, just simple styling and you have done it. Wash your hair thoroughly and then blow dry them. Meanwhile, you can use a brush on damp hair to make waves.

Undercut and Smooth Waves

Haircut by: alan_beak

13. Undercut and Smooth Waves

Hair length matters a lot while selecting a hairstyle and especially for modern ones. Those men’s who have natural straight hairs can grow them easily. That’s why medium length hairs are common for those people. Thus hairstyles like this one are introduced, where an undercut is paired with a comb over waves. Choose this style and experience an ultimately engaging style.

Medium Length Classic Waves

Haircut by: rpb_nq

14. Medium Length Classic Waves

Now let’s target our office guys, who don’t have too much time for styling. This hairstyle is added for fast working people because it doesn’t need tricky styling. Only use a brush or comb and create waves out of your length.

Classic Pompadour for Medium Hair

Haircut by: cutthroat_george

15. Classic Pompadour for Medium Hair

Medium hairs of men are perfect for pompadour styles, so we have added another option for you. Use the classic pompadour technique and forget about other hassles. You can pair a regular beard with the low fade to achieve fabulous hairstyle.

Medium Length Messy Spikes with Light Beard

Image by: andrewdoeshair

16. Medium Length Messy Spikes with Light Beard

Messy Spikes are perfect for people who want easy styling solution for their medium hair. Light facial hairs followed by Low Fade makes this style unique. To achieve the hairstyle, you must work with damp hair while blow drying them.

Low Fade Comb Over with Beard

Image by: menshairs

17. Low Fade Comb Over with Beard

We have reached at the end of the list, Hairstyles for Men with Medium Hair. The last one comes with a pair of Comb Over and Mid-Fade style. It is a style mostly loved by teens, but almost anyone with normal hairs can choose it.

That’s it for today! I will be back again with more hairstyle ideas for different types of hair. Till then keep visiting!