12 Cool Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair

hairstyles for men with short hair

12 Popular Short Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles and haircuts are being adopted as fashion trends for many years. Numerous new hairstyles for men and women are regularly introduced. But mostly people like to choose simple hairstyles, who don’t create a mess. No matter we talk about a short haircut or long haircuts, a huge variety of styles is available. Why not you perform styling of your hair? Don’t know which hairstyle to choose? Have short haircut and can’t find any hairstyles for men with short hair? Don’t panic at all! Today I am going to sort it out for you! I will specifically focus on those short haircuts for men, who are easy to style as well. But wait! Why not do some research, let’s read about hairstyles and then focus on our topic at the end.

Why Choose Short Hairstyles for Men?

Fashion trends are no longer limited to girls or women these days. Men are equally participating in this industry and enhancing their looks. That’s why the industry is also manipulating according to men’s fashion.

Recently, a lot of quick hairstyles for men are were introduced to tackle needs of the busy generation. Most of the people these days won’t like to have long and messy hairs. They just want a simple haircut to suit their busy schedule. But even with these short hairstyles, one can have an attractive style.

Over the past few years, a lot of short hairstyles for men were launched in the industry. Most of them are so easy that you could use them in everyday life. You will come up with some of those modern men’s hairstyles later in this article.

How to Choose the Best Hairstyles for Men?

Hairstyles and haircuts are not your clothes, whom you could change anytime. You have to choose them once and stick to your selection till the end. It is recommended to compare different hairstyles and then adopt the best match with your personality. But how you do that? What’s the easiest way to select a hairstyle for men? No one could guide you about the perfect hairstyle for your personality. But I haven’t said that we couldn’t guide you during the selection.

Below are the common factors you must know before selecting a hairstyle. Let’ see:

  • Shape of Face

It is one of the factors that affect the adoption of a hairstyle. You should always choose a hairstyle that matches every face type, or at least your face type. You might have a square shaped face or a round shaped. So select a hairstyle that is suitable for you!

  • Type of Hair

Every man has different hair type, so the hairstyle must also differ! You must choose a style that matches your hair type and your personality.

  • Size of Hair

The size of a hair is the most important factor considered during the process. I don’t even have to explain why? You might already know that a hairstyle for a medium haircut, can’t work for short one and vice versa.

Best Short Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men

Among thousands of best hairstyles for men, we have gathered some of the popular ones. I have tried to make the list of hairstyles updated with latest trends. You can choose any of them because they are famous around the globe. Let’s have a look at these hairstyles for men with short hair, along with some info:

1. The Pompadour Haircut

One of the trending haircuts of this century is the pompadour style. It works perfectly for all men, despite their nationality or interest. The clean and elegant look provides infinite ways for you to play around. When we are talking about haircuts for men that are trending these days, we can barely neglect this one!

The Slicked Back & Taper Fade Haircut

Image By: stevetrujillo

2. The Slicked Back & Taper Fade Haircut

Now, this style is specially added for all medium length lovers. You don’t need to grow your hair long, rather just make use of regular length. This style creates a smooth finish by adding a slicked back effect. This haircut for men is completed by a taper fade around the ears.

The Crew Cut, Men's Haircut

Image By: its.keller

3. The Crew Cut

Love beard? Now you could manage it with an excellent style! It is inspired by the short haircut concept of the military. But a slight difference makes this hairstyle shine among other hairstyles. The hairs on top are slightly longer than usually but kept within limits.

The Spiky Flat Top

Image By: nickthebarber

4. The Spiky Flat Top

The wait is over! Here comes the spiky hairstyle for men, which is another great option to style your hair. The hairstyle is targeting the young generation, but you are not tied to the rule. Go ahead and adopt this style, anywhere in the world!

The Messy Crop Haircut

Image By: markthebarber

5. The Messy Crop Haircut

Do you have plenty of hair on top? Want some better styling solutions? The messy crop haircut is the answer for you! It is a simple hairstyle, packed with some excellent fading techniques. See the image for clear example.

The Super Short Men’s Haircut

Image By: stevetrujillo

6. The Super Short Men’s Haircut

We can call it a Buzz Cut because it totally resembles it. You don’t have to work hard but only fade your entire head. Hey, wait! We can’t call it a complete fade, rather a mid-fade done by an expert barber.

7. The Short Pompadour Haircut

Here comes the Pompadour haircut for men but this time, which is added for short hair lovers. A high undercut achieves the style with vertically styled top hair. Further definitions are added by razor parting and lining the edges correctly.

8. The Short Textured Haircut

This ultra short haircut can be a good choice for men with short hair. It is the hairstyle that suits all types of men, regardless of their face shape or hair type. This haircut can prove to be the best hair styling solution for teens.

The High Taper Fade, Short Haircut

Image By: pjabreu

9. The High Taper Fade

This Mohawk Profile comprises of fading techniques to an extreme level. Both sides around the ear are temple faded, along with cutting out neckline as an arc.

10. The Super Short Crop Haircut

It is another simple hairstyle that can be achieved by three simple steps. You need an ultra short haircut having small spikes on top, which is followed by a little skin fade.

11. The Clean Taper Fade

Here comes another short haircut for men, featuring taper fading technique. It provides an ultra clean and smooth style, blending thoroughly with the beard. Check out the example above:

The Mohawk Haircut

Image By: criztofferson

12. The Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk hairstyle is the last ones in our list of hairstyles for men with short hair. It is best for both thin and thick hair types, so it’s the best choice for almost everyone. You can make use of fading, length, and spikes to create a unique style. Men from all around the world are focusing on these new Mohawk trends, so why not you choose one?