12 Cool Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair

hairstyles for men with straight hair

Best Hairstyle Ideas for Men with Straight Hair

Men’s hairstyles are one of the trending fashion concerns these days. No matter what type of hair a person has, a perfect hairstyle is always a wish. Considering this desire for latest hairstyles of men, I have created this website. You will find regularly updating hairstyle ideas for men and women, whom can be chosen by anyone. Today, we will be discussing some hairstyles for men with straight hair. Every man differ from the other, so as their hair does! But one of the common types of hair among men is Straight Hair.

When talking about men’s hairstyle, one of the important things is flexibility. This hair type usually withstands with all modern haircuts. One can easily adopt any modern men’s hairstyle for straight hair. But that’s only true if you have chosen the proper one for you. Some hairstyles won’t suit you in this condition, so you should make your selection properly.

Are you also worried to choose the best hairstyle? No need to do so! Here I have compiled a list of 17 awesome hairstyles for men with straight hair. You can select any of these, as I have taken special precautions while adding them to the list. You will find only the best ones on my list! So before we continue exploring these styles, let’s read about the straight hair of men.

Straight Hair in Men and their Importance

We have already discussed a lot about straight hair type, so I don’t think anything else is left behind. But still, you should know some facts about straight hair. Let’s see:

  • They are Easy to Style
  • You can Style with your Desire
  • Use any Hair Product Easily
  • Easy to Maintain

If you are lucky enough to have naturally straight hair, you can forget to worry about hair problems. You can grow your hair longer and obtain better results with long hairstyles. Furthermore, you can impress your friends with your influencing hairstyle.

Now without wasting time, let’s discuss some hairstyle ideas for straight hair. They are listed below:

Men’s Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair

Clean & Simple Side Part Hairstyle

Picture from: mens.haircuts

1. Clean & Simple Side Part Hairstyle

This hairstyle uses the traditional side part technique, resulting in a clean and efficient style. It is the easiest one in our list of hairstyles for men with short hair. If you are in love with your short hairs, no need to worry about growing them, Just select this side part combo and enjoy your new looks.

Retro Styled Men’s Haircut with Beard

Picture by: mens.haircuts

2. Retro Styled Men’s Haircut with Beard

Now, this is my contribution to our beard lovers! This one is a combo of light fade with a retro styled top. It is a must have style for people who love beards with their haircut. I call it a retro style, because of the unique styling involved in it.

Light Fade & Side Part Haircut

Taken from: haircutmenss

3. Light Fade & Side Part Haircut

The Side Part technique is the part of almost every famous hairstyle. As you can see in the image, a medium fade is enhancing the hairstyle. You don’t need to have a beard but adding that won’t affect the beauty of the style.

Messy Length for Straight Hair

Taken from: mens.haircuts

4. Messy Length for Straight Hair

Do you love to grow your hair? Now you can take advantage of it! No serious styling is involved in this men’s hairstyle. You simply have to increase your length and use a regular comb/brush to manage your hair.

Slicked Back and Mid Fade Hairstyle

Taken from: sergioatm92

5. Slicked Back and Mid Fade Hairstyle

The slicked back style can be combined with a mid fade to achieve this beautiful hairstyle. No need to worry about the length of your hair, because a medium length will be good to go. Use some hair products to keep the hair in the position. While fading helps you gain more attraction with your new looks.

Medium Fade Quiff Haircut

Image from: gentshair_cs

6. Medium Fade Quiff Haircut

It is another popular men’s haircut for straight hair, which you can select for your hair. It is a combo of mid-fade with the Regular Quiff Haircut. Side part can also be used to treat the hair and obtain better results.

Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

Picture by: gentshair_cs

7. Slicked Back Undercut

It is one of my favorite hairstyles for straight hair, which is an undercut combo with slicked back style. Both techniques combined offer a stylish look for men. You have to use high-quality hair product to keep the hair in this position.

Side Part Pompadour Hairstyle

Taken from: nicemop

8. Side Part Pompadour Hairstyle

It is another hairstyle idea for pompadour lovers, which you can, select without any issue. A light fade is combined with side part technique to redefine this beautiful hairstyle.

Slicked Back Short Hairstyle for Men

Image from: nicemop

9. Slicked Back Short Hairstyle for Men

Now it’s time for some short haircut ideas for men, which are suitable for every face type. It combines a clean slicked look with a light fade on sides. It works perfectly for short hairs and especially for people with round faces.

Hard Fade Spiked Haircut

Taken from: mensclubbarbershop

10. Hard Fade Spiked Haircut

The Hard Fade is rarely used in hairstyles, like this spiked haircut idea for straight hairs. Both sides are hard faded, and light hairs are kept on top. You can use some Thick pomade or Gel Product to create spikes and hold them in place.

Messy Top with Side Fade and Beard

Image by: nicemop

11. Clean Fade with Comb Over

We are about to reach the end of this hairstyle collection. Let’s cover it up with our last hairstyle ideas, one of which is the Clean Comb Over. To achieve this hairstyle, you simply need to fade one side and use comb over styling method. I recommend every man with straight hair to try this style.

A light beard can be added as per the taste of the person himself. As you can see in the image, how beautiful the hairdo looks with a beard.

Clean Fade with Comb Over

Taken from: menshairs

12. Messy Top with Side Fade and Beard

Don’t like too much styling? Go ahead and choose this messy hairstyle idea! The sides are faded, and the top has medium length hairs. No styling is necessary; rather some messy spikes are created for a stylish look. It is one of the unique hairstyles for men with straight hair, which can’t find easily online. But as I have listed, you don’t have to worry about

That’s all for today! I will be back with another excellent post about men’s hairstyles. Till then keep visiting and help me improve the site. Do share your opinions and suggestions in the comment box. See you in the next article.