22 Popular Hairstyles for Young Men & Boys

Best Hairstyles & Haircut Ideas for Young Men

One of the most enjoyable moments of men’s life is teenage. It has a lot of space for creativity in almost every concern of life. Today we will talk about the Hairstyles for Young Men, which are popular in teenagers. Our young generations just get fed up with their old hairstyles. They love to adopt a new haircut most often, especially for parties and special occasions. Now for this, one must have a complete list of modern men’s hairstyles for boys. So I decided to collect some of them and added them in this article

Young boy’s haircuts are full of creativity and endless opportunities. We are not tied to fashion trends or popularity, rather a combo of two styles works perfectly. Teenage is the time to enjoy the life completely, that’s why young men mostly love crazy haircuts. In this list of young men’s haircuts, you will find a combo of fades, spikes, taper styles, pompadours, and much more. Go ahead and explore them all!

How to Select Hairstyle for Young Men?

There are hundreds of different hairstyles and haircuts for boys. But selecting the best one isn’t that easy at all. But don’t worry! I have collected one of the best ones and made your task easier. You just have to scroll through these hairstyles for teenage boys and make a selection. You can easily style most of the haircuts in this list, but some of them won’t be that easy. I would suggest visiting your barber and letting him handle the stuff!

Now you are ready to explore these 22 attractive young men’s haircuts. Don’t forget to comment your feedbacks and keep visiting!

1. Side Swept Haircut for Teens

Side Swept Haircut for Teens

Haircut by: menshairs

Let’s start with a hairstyle for long hairs which are loved by youngsters. The Side Swept has taken the first spot in my list of hairstyles for young men. As you can see, the style itself is attractive and matches every facial profile. But you need to grow a decent hair length, before thinking of this hairstyle.

2. Low Fade Comb Over for Men

Low Fade Comb Over for Men

Haircut by: menshairs

Almost every famous man’s haircut is featuring fading techniques. Like the one above with a nice looking comb over style. The fades on the side are looking awesome and adding value to the haircut. No special care is necessary, so I especially prefer this hairstyle.

3. Cool Messy Spikes Haircut

Cool Messy Spikes Haircut

Haircut by: menshairs

Here comes another haircut for boys, who are not willing to mess with their hair. A strong holding hair product will help to achieve the style. A light fade combined with facial hairs will enhance the looks.

4. Light Fade & Thick Comb Over

Light Fade & Thick Comb Over

Haircut by: fittingroomtoronto

It is one of the trending short haircuts for people these days. Most men are not willing to spend hours on hair styling every day. That’s why this hairstyle is added to the list to support them. You just need to comb over the hairs, and you are ready to go!

5. Undercut and Thick Pompadour Hairstyle

Undercut and Thick Pompadour Hairstyle

Haircut by: fittingroomtoronto

The pompadour styles have rocked the fashion industry these days. Almost every man loves to have this hairstyle. The same applies to the traditional Undercut Hairstyle for men. It features short sides and back, while hairs on top are long.

6. Classic Short Haircut & Light Fade

Classic Short Haircut & Light Fade

Haircut by: fittingroomtoronto

Boys of this generation are curious about styling their hairstyles correctly. In this concern, we receive a lot of new hairstyles & haircuts for men. One of those styles is the Classic Short, as shown in the image above.

A light beard and skin fade are combined to create the unique style. Hairs on top are not very long, yet kept of medium length.

7. High Fade & Side Part Comb Over

High Fade & Side Part Comb Over

Haircut by: barber_djirlauw

It’s a new variation of men’s short haircuts, in which we have a single comb over and high fade You can select this hairstyle for any face shape. It doesn’t need any special maintenance, but simple styling for everyday usage.

8. Short Spikes and Light Fade Hairstyle

Short Spikes and Light Fade Hairstyle

Haircut by: menshairs

A long-lasting and attractive hairstyle for men is the one shown above. It’s best for young people due to an attraction on top.

9. Clean Side Part Comb Over with Beard

Clean Side Part Comb Over with Beard

Haircut by: barber_djirlauw

Almost every man love to have this type of style, because of the excellent pairing of Side Part and Beard.

10. Mid Fade & Comb Over Haircut

Mid Fade & Comb Over Haircut

Haircut by: menshairs

It is another famous haircut for men with beard, along with a rough comb over style. The hairs on sides and back are kept slightly shorter.

11. Tapered Fade with Clean Quiff

Tapered Fade with Clean Quiff

Haircut by: ambarberia

The quiff haircuts are also common among men, and that’s why I have also added one. This hairstyle features a clean quiff which is followed by mid-fades. Due to these fades, the hair on back and sides are very short.

12. Clean Side Part & Mid Fade Hairstyle

Clean Side Part & Mid Fade Hairstyle

Haircut by: ambarberia

Here is another hairstyle for you to choose and show off to your friends! It can be selected by anyone, whether a student or an office guy.

13. Messy Fringe with High Fade

Messy Fringe with High Fade

Haircut by: virogas.barber

Now it’s time for something unique and attractive for young men’s hairstyles. You can have this hairstyle for your medium hair, but a barber must be experienced to style it.

14. Slicked Back with Beard

Slicked Back with Beard

Haircut by: jamie_srsb

One of my favorite hairstyles in the list is the Slicked Back, which is also trending these days. It is perfect for men, who are willing to have a beautiful and clean hairstyle for regular usage.

15. Classic Faux Hawk & Short Sides

Classic Faux Hawk & Short Sides

Haircut by: barber_djirlauw

Some highlights can utterly boost the appearance of any hairstyle, like the one shown in the picture above. The short sides and back and the full-length top make the style more eye-catching.

16. Slicked Back & Undercut Haircut

Slicked Back & Undercut Haircut

Haircut by: barber_djirlauw

One of my favorite hairstyles in the list is this one. The brushed back style looks clean and elegant. That’s why it’s preferred by men, who are always in a hurry for their work.

17. Side Part with Mild Skin Fade

Side Part with Mild Skin Fade

Haircut by: barber_djirlauw

I have gathered a lot of hairstyles with side part styling technique. This one is another example of a classic side part done on medium length hair. The faded sides are kept very short.

18. Messy Top & Short Sides

Messy Top & Short Sides

Haircut by: ambarberia

This men’s haircut features messy top which is effectively made by a professional stylist. Almost every type of face shape will suit this hairstyle.

19. Classic Undercut & Thick Comb over Style

Classic Undercut & Thick Comb over Style

Haircut by: ambarberia

I love to see classic haircuts with a unique twist added by men. The hairstyle above has hard faded sides, during a longer length on top.

20. French Crop & High Taper Fade

French Crop & High Taper Fade

Haircut by: barber_djirlauw

Now this one is unique and not very common among men’s haircuts. The lower portion is shaven off like undercut, while the top of the head has messy French crop.

21. Modern Side Swept Haircut

Modern Side Swept Haircut

Haircut by: menshair

This hairstyle is a modern Side Swept hairstyle combo with a unique twist. A regular comb is used to create the side swept look. It is easy to style haircut and can work for every face shape.

22. Modern Pompadour Hairstyle & Light Beard

Modern Pompadour Hairstyle & Light Beard

Haircut by: menshair

I am completing the list with a final touch of Pompadour Hairstyle for men. You have already seen a lot of hairstyles for young men, but I love this one. It has a clean and straightforward pompadour on top with some light facial hair. The overall look is fantastic and ready for any occasion!