16 Best Men’s Hairstyles for Round Faces

mens hairstyles for round faces

Best Hairstyles for Men with Round Face

These days men are much curious about their hair because it affects their personality. That’s why it’s important for them to research properly before styling their hair. Every man differs from the other regarding face shape, hair type, etc. That’s why the hairstyles must also match these factors. Men with round faces are anxious about this fact. Only a few men’s hairstyles for round faces are present in magazines. That’s why it’s not easy to search hairstyles for your face type.

If you are also one of those people, don’t worry now! Today we are going to solve the problem by providing the best haircut ideas for round faces. You don’t have to search for popular hairstyles traditionally. Just read our articles and get up to date hairstyle ideas for men and women. Now let’s get back to our topic, we will discuss best hairstyles for round faces. I have gathered a lot of modern hairstyle pictures and their information, so you can quickly decide one for yourself.

Selection of Men’s Hairstyles with Round Faces

We can categorize men’s hairstyles can in various types of shaved cuts, fades, pompadours, quiff styles, spikes, etc. Many different variations of these techniques are used to create a new one. These changes are made to suit the shape and size of men’s faces. Regarding face shape, we can classify men as:

  • Oval Face
  • Round Face
  • Square Face

Now we are not going to explain each of them because we are discussing round faces. Maybe in future, these face types will be considered. Round Faces in men are common, that’s why I have decided to target them.

Do you also have round face? Are you worried about your personality? Do you want to impress your friends? Don’t worry at all! Just check out these hairstyles for men with round faces and have a change!

16 Haircuts Ideas for Round Faces of Men

1. The Side Swept with Light Fade

The Side Swept with Light Fade

Haircut by: menshairs

Light Fade is my favorite technique, and this hairstyle is the perfect example. The Side Swept is the main component of this good-looking men’s hairstyle for round faces. It is the hairstyle you can choose for your long hairs. Ask your barber to light fade one side and side swept on the other side. Take this photograph as an example, and you are ready to go!

2. The Retro Styled Quiff Haircut

The Retro Styled Quiff Haircut

Haircut by: mens.haircuts

This style suits almost every face type, and that’s our benefit in this case. If you like retro styles, you can select this stylish retro quiff haircut for yourself. No need to grow long hairs, you just need to have smooth short hairs.

3. Messy Spikes with Light Beard

Messy Spikes with Light Beard

Haircut by: andrewdoeshair

It is the hairstyle suitable for men with short hairs, who are still willing to have spikes. This hairstyle suits any face type, as long as one loves messy styles. The styling process starts with wet hair, where you can blow dry to achieve the jagged looks. Use some light hold hair product and start styling like in the image.

4. Quiff Haircut with Beard for Men

Quiff Haircut with Beard for Men

Haircut by: andrewdoeshair

Among all the cool hairstyles for round faces, Quiff Haircuts are my favorite. It is best for men having medium length hair.  Use a medium hold pomade or gel for this hairstyle. Use a regular comb to create the messy quiff to add volume on top. Some facial hairs will make it more attractive for men, and it won’t hurt you!

5. Classic Waves with Beard

Classic Waves with Beard Haircut

Haircut by: mens.haircuts

Men having thick hair can make use of different styling options and achieve the perfect hairstyle. The sides of this hairstyle are kept small to match the shape. The layered waves style is made with blow drying technique, while a round brush is used to comb over spikes.

6. Smooth Classic Pompadour Hairstyle

Smooth Classic Pompadour Hairstyle

Haircut by: andrewdoeshair

Pompadours are just in fashion these days, and no men would neglect their beauty. Now, this hairstyle is an ultimate pompadour style for men with round faces. A thick pomade must be used to maintain the shape for the longer time.

7. Clean and Classic Light Fade

Clean and Classic Light Fade Haircut

Haircut by: sergioatm92

The light fades are best for men with medium length hairs. They can be combined with any hairstyle like this new comb over style. Both sides and the back are light faded, while the top has a decent hair volume.

8. The Short & Thick Hairstyle for Round Faces

The Short & Thick Hairstyle for Round Faces

Haircut by: skorinekphoto

Here comes the men’s hairstyle for short hairs, which is preferred by me! No need to trim your sides completely, ask your barber to light fade the sides. The top is thicker and smooth, which makes it suitable for any occasion.

9. Modern Combover for Blonde Hair

Modern Combover for Blonde Hair

Haircut by: andrewdoeshair

Recent fashion trends have led us to create several variations of a single hairstyle. That’s what is being done with com over technique in this hairstyle. If you have blonde hairs, that’s an excellent factor for this haircut. But that’s not compulsory to achieve this cool hairstyle for round faces.

10. The Slicked Back & Side Fade

The Slicked Back & Side Fade

Haircut by: sergioatm92

Hair-styling options can be combined to get better results from your hair. You can use Side Fade techniques along with the Slicked Back look to get this hairstyle. You can grow a decent amount of facial hairs to add further value to the style.

11. The Undercut & Slicked Back Hairstyle

The Undercut & Slicked Back Hairstyle

Haircut by: menshairs

Here is another combination of the Slicked Back Haircut with Undercut. It’s best for our youngsters and office guys willing to get an easy hairstyle.

12. Classic Curly Haircut for Long Hairs

Classic Curly Haircut for Long Hairs

Haircut by: menshairs

Another hairstyle dedicated to our young generation with medium length hairs. The carefree curly style can be hard to achieve on your own. It’s better to visit a professional hair stylist and let him handle the stuff.

13. Short Haircut for Round Faces

Short Haircut for Round Faces

Haircut by: nicemop

Men with round faces can use various hair styling options, like the ones we have already discussed. Now this one is the best hairstyles for men with round faces. You don’t have to maintain the style because of the short haircut. It’s added for people who are always in a hurry and don’t have much time for hair styling.

14. The Smooth Undercut for Small Haircut Lovers

The Smooth Undercut for Small Haircut Lovers

Haircut by: fiftyx50

The undercut technique is the first one, a hair stylist would suggest for medium length hairs. I have added this for men who love short hairs. The barber will fade both sides and the back, while the top is kept to have volume. Use any other hair styling technique for the top, but slicked back is preferred by me.

15. Clean and Simple Pompadour Haircut

Clean and Simple Pompadour Haircut

Haircut by: jamie_srsb

Our youngsters love to play with their hairs with different styling opportunities. This hairstyle is the clear example in which a disconnected pompadour is made for medium length hair. A regular brush is used to pull the strands and create the pomp. A light hold hair product can help to obtain better results!

16. Mid-Fade & Short Spikes for Men

Mid-Fade & Short Spikes for Men

Haircut by: jamie_srsb

Here comes the last one in our list of men’s hairstyle for round faces. You can achieve this hairstyle with a mid-fade on both sides. Use a disconnected beard, which adds further value to the gorgeous haircut. Check the photo for clear example!

I hope you will love these hairstyles and will select one for yourself. If you have any problem with these hairstyles or want some help? Feel free to comment below!