Top 10 Hairstyles for Men & Boys

top 10 hairstyles for men

10 Popular Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men

Men have been searching for methods to look attractive and beautiful. In this concern, a lot of different ways are utilized by them. One of those ways to look great is changing the haircut. A hairstyle totally customizes the personality of a man. You can get a unique and dashing look, just by choosing the proper hairstyle. But is it so easy? Not! So how would you select the best hairstyle for you? Don’t worry because I am going to help you out! I have collected a list of Top 10 Hairstyles for Men for my visitors. You just need to check the list and get a unique haircut idea for yourself.

I have already posted a lot of hairstyle ideas for different face shapes. You can also check them out and see if one suits you. But today I am going to discuss only those, who are suitable for almost every face shape. So that everyone reading this article can get benefit from it!

How to Select Hairstyles & Haircuts of Men?

In 2016, numerous variations of hairstyles became popular. People have realized the importance of their hair, so they prefer styling them correctly. All of the boundaries of hair styling have already broken. We have limitless opportunities to create a unique style by changing the old one. You can add your twist in modern men’s haircuts and feel the difference.

Most of the celebrities are also fond of this hairstyle trend. You can see the famous ones to be changing their hairstyles frequently. But you don’t have to follow them, just pick a hairstyle and make it yours!

Now before you dive into the world of imaginations, read my final advice. Before you plan your visit to your barber, grab the picture of your favorite hairstyle. That would be easy for your hairdresser to understand the style and make it for you. Obviously, you aren’t going to make it yourself!

1. Messy Spikes Haircut for Men

Messy Spikes Haircut for Men

Hairstyle by: menshairs

Young boys are fond of stylish haircuts, rather than a clean & elegant one. Here is the opportunity for you to style your hair. The above hairstyle is best for our youth, who are looking for something unique. As you can see, the spikes are made randomly using a regular comb. A medium hold hair product is used to keep the hair in the position.

2. Short Pompadour and Fades

Short Pompadour and Fades

Hairstyle by: jamie_srsb

Over the past few years, pompadour hairstyles have gained a lot of attraction. So I decided to make it the part of top 10 hairstyles for men. The above is unique with a skin fade pairing. You can pick this one, even if you have short hairs. Just make sure to grab the picture of the haircut and rush to your stylist!

3. Side Fade Short Hairstyle for Men

Side Fade Short Hairstyle for Men

Hairstyle by: jamie_srsb

Men can customize almost every modern hairstyle with their variations. There are infinite possibilities to get some inspiration about your new hairstyle. Take a look at the side part, where you can see the unique twist. You can shave one side and keep hairs on the other, just as the example image. That’s what we call creativity out of a regular haircut!

4. Modern Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

Modern Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

Hairstyle by: jamie_srsb

Ever though what to do with your long hairs? Don’t worry; you can pick up this hairstyle and still impress your friends. The person seems to be annoyed by his long hairs, but the stylist did something awesome. He created something like a pompadour but with several highlights. So why don’t you try this?

6. Side Part with Stylish Waves

Side Part with Stylish Waves

Hairstyle by: ambarberia

Nothing could beat the creativity of a professional hair stylist. I found the above hairstyle while searching for traditional men’s haircuts. The overall concept is simple, but the waves are pretty much excellent!

6. Medium Length Comb over Hairstyle

Medium Length Comb over Hairstyle

Hairstyle by: ambarberia

Another men’s hairstyle I found while searching online. It features a clean side part and a disconnected beard. I would say this hairstyle would boost your manly looks to an extreme level. It’s not only attractive but suitable for almost every face shape. Why not pick this picture and let your barber decide the rest!

7. Side Fade & Undercut Style

Side Fade & Undercut Style

Hairstyle by: barber_djirlauw

We all know some people who are always busy in their schedule. They don’t want to mess with their hairstyles but still need some solution. Now if you are one of them, worry not! I have found this short and beautiful men’s hairstyle for you.

The Clean Undercut is providing highlights to the look, while side part is also beautiful. The beard, however, is always optional, but no one is going to miss it! Am I right?

8. Messy Top with Light Beard

Medium Length Comb over Hairstyle

Hairstyle by: menshairs

In a list of hairstyle ideas, we have a lot of different opportunities. So as this list would do for you! Here is another style which you can choose for yourself. As you can see, the hairstyle is clean and straightforward. The only thing important here is to manage here in the easiest way.

9. Smooth and Clean Pompadour for Men

Smooth and Clean Pompadour for Men

Hairstyle by: virogas.barber

Now it’s time for young boys to choose a haircut for themselves. So here is a pompadour pair with light skin fade. It works for both short and medium length hairs, so you don’t have to worry about it. But if you have long hairs, stay away from this one. Scroll around other hairstyle ideas in the list or check out other articles for mine.

10. Light Fade with Spikes

Light Fade with Spikes

Hairstyle by: jamie_srsb

We have made it this far! Here is the last one among top 10 hairstyles for men & boys. It also features a messy hair styling technique which is relatively easy to manage. Just style your hair once and spend all day long with it. The side of the hairstyle is short, while it has hairs on top. I recommend a light beard with the hairstyle to make it more eye-catching.

So what do you think about them? Do you like any of these? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section. See you in the next article!